Japanese Martial Arts


Martial arts is the common name given to sports branches, physicialbattles and practice traditions that have been systematized with certain rules andregulations.

There are many styles of martial arts like the classical ones NinjutsuWushu, Jujutsu, Lethwei, Kalarippayat, PencakSilat, Aikijutsu, Taekyon and also some neo-classical ones like Karate, Tekvando, Judo, Aikido, Wing Chun.Without doubt, the martial arts and techniques of Japanese, is worth mentioning. Here are some examples:

One of these arts is Ninjitsu which was implemented and later developed and tought by Ninjas is Feudal Japan. Ninjitsu offers both spiritual cleansing and a happy personality. In addition to these, the aim on Ninjas is to bring peace for all the people around them. Aikido is another Japanese Martial Art. Here, the aim is to defendyourself and to take down the attacker by using his force against him. What is especially different in this art is the fact that you try to make the attacker lose his balance so that you can eliminate him using some successive techniques called combos.

Another Martial Art, Karate is the common name used for the Japanese art Karate Do and it is composed of the words kara + te + do which means the path of the unarmed hand. Karate has been merged with Zen Buddhism and Japanese culture and it is established on the idea of the individual who has educated himself both mentally and physically. Karate was born in the Okinawa ısland. Its main philosophy is that it trains individuals so that they move away from intensity and cultivate peaceful ideas.

Of course it would be impossible not to include Sumo to this list. Sumo is a traditional wrestling art that relies on many traditions since the ancient history of Japan. In Japanese, Sumo comes from the word sumafu which means “defending yourself.” The wrestlers in sumo are called Sumotori.

One other traditional Japanese Martial Arts is the Jujutsu orJuijutsu. It means the technique of flexibility in Japan. It takes advantage of the attach momentum of the attacker and tries to eliminate the attacker by using certain techniques like wrist locks, stroke, hold and throw. This art has a very long training process that is based on constant repetition and study.One other martial art that has been developed from Jujutsu is Judo. Its main principles have been established by Dr. Jigaro Kano in 1882. Judo that means the rode of politeness in Japan is one of the first examples of Japanese modern martial arts.

Samurais should also be mentioned of course. Samurai was a term used for noble soldiers in ancient Japan. Samurais mainly used the art of Jujutsu for armed and unarmed attack. They also have certain weapons. A long sword called daito-katana, a short sword called shoto-wakizashi and knives that are called tanto. Samurais usually gave names to their weapons and believed in the spirit of the weapons.

In order to move forward in these martial arts, kids begin training from younger ages and they go through some elimination. It is desirable that the mental abilities and characters of the students are in high degree. Therefore these kids would know better how to discriminate between good and evil. At first the kids are guided with the main philosophy of each martial arts and then the move forward to gymnastic exercises and lastly the techniques of the martial arts. Here, the aim is to build self confidence in kids so that they achieve some kind of spiritual peace.